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True Cost Machining

We understand your end goal is a cost effective product. Swim Left Products gives you the ability to order complex CNC machined parts in low quantities at the true cost of machining that part. We’re different from typical manufacturers who give you pricing based on order quantities and lead times that are convenient for them

To do this, we split out programming and fixture design time into a one-time NRE cost for each part and after onboarding, we keep your job ready to run at a moment’s notice. The end result? You can order low quantities of parts (<5) at pricing you would typically expect for higher volume (>50) orders, all while maintaining very short lead times.

Our services

While we are constantly expanding our capabilities, we currently focus on:






Under: 10″ x 6″ x 6″

152.4mm x 152.4mm x 152.4mm


> .001″ on linear dimensions

>.0005″ on bores up to 1″

> .0005″ on flatness and parallelism


On machine inspection for all critical tolerances (standard)

CMM inspection and dimension reports (optional)

Case Studies

Our Process

Our lean systems are built from the ground up to deliver quality and efficiency.


PO placed. On receipt of a PO, parts are sent to production or onboarding. For previously onboarded parts, your order goes straight to production, and we commonly make chips on your parts on the same day.

New parts move through the onboarding process, and are then available for quick turn production.


Real-time updates. The lead time starts ticking once we receive your PO. We provide real-time updates so you can track your parts through the production and shipping stages.


Shipping. We carefully pack your parts and ship them in as few as 5 days from when the PO was placed.


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